Monday, May 4, 2009

Our "Queen For A Day " Event !!

Well, what a wonderful event we just had, with ME as the center of attention!!!! I spent the days laying in the middle of a CROWN bed! Where else would I be!?! Everything looked so "royal". We had a 1920's mannnequin wearing a pink velvet robe, encrusted with huge rhinestones. Of course, I should be the one wearing it but it was just too big!

We also had an enormous church window with a cross birdhouse in the middle. An old wooden medical cabinet and a old mercantile cabinet filled with lots of treasures! One of my favorite things was an old black board that my mom wrote on about shopping at Matilda's being the correct answer!
Sadly, the last day of the event, my parents let my brother, Alexander, be on the bed with me. Well as you know, that's just WRONG!!! Everyone knows that nobody cares about a 220lb Great Dane, he's just my body guard and I certainly didn't need him at that time! Only because he is so big, does anyone even notice him.
Well in the end, we really wanted to honor mothers and I think we did a pretty good job. I want to wish all mothers out they a very special day, and if you ever need a litttle "lift", just look at the pictures of me and you're sure to feel happy!
Our next event is May, 29,30,31. There are some wonderful surprises that your sure to love! I already have my outfit and will be looking ADORABLE!!!
Can't wait for you to see me, and I will enjoy seeing all of you too!
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Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Everything looks so pretty. Hope you saw the post I did on ya'll. Looks great!

Wiard of Once Was said...

Hey Matilda(and Alex)
Check out pictures of you and pictures of your Mom's shop..Great show and pictures! Can hardly wait to next's a secret you know

One Vintage Hag said...

oh my ~ Matilda Mouse,
A new blog to visit often. So wish that i had been shopping at the Queen for a day event. My shop is in a supburb of Atlanta so I don't get away that far often.
Sebastian ~ our white mini schnauzer sends wags & woofs to Matilda ~ she is simply precious.
stop by & visit with us sometime.
~one vintage hag

Anonymous said...

Who's in bed with Maltida? they look like a 'royal' couple. P.S.your shop looks fabulous!!

Anonymous said...

I can't beleive that Maltilda is wearing a crown. that is one well trained dog! p.s.everything looks beautiful!!!

Decorating With Art said...

Matilda what an awesome place you have.I can't wait for your next event.
How can I get my dog to wear a crown?

Myrna said...

Hiya! Just wanted you to know I "featured" you on my blog! Go check it out!! ;-)
'Twas fun seeing you!

~La Rustique Market~ said...

You have a wonderful place....and Matilda is soooooo cute!