Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sea to Shining Sea

Hello Everyone,

We just finished our "Sea to Shining Sea" event. We had a "beach" and lots of seashells and patriotic treasures! I wore a vintage sunsuit and laid on the beach for much of the show and sometimes I sat in a vintage child's glider. But, no matter where I was, I looked SO CUTE!!!
We also had a beautiful big mermaid out front and a 1958 airstream trailer that was all decorated inside. The entire shop looked absolutely beautiful!
We also had so many of our friends and customers come even though it was quite hot. Also so many new fans came to see and pet and adore me! [Who could blame them!!] All the girls were so busy carrying out furniture and redoing the vignettes! We had such a wonderful time.
The next bit of news is not so good. I have been very sick and in the hospital for several days. First I had a bladder and kidney infection and my kidneys became compromised because of the infections. I just got feeling better, except that I had to eat really crummy food that was a special "kidney diet".
Then I noticed that my brother Alexander was still getting to eat the good food with ground beef mixed in. Well, I
thought that didn't seem fair, so when no one was watching I ate his whole big bowl of food! I looked like a "stuffed sausage" and didn't feel so good that night. The next day I felt even worse and my mom got very worried and took me to the dog doctor. I had to be put in the hospital and have my stomach pumped. After I went home it appeared that I was getting better and then all of the sudden I started feeling really bad again. I had to go back to the hospital and spend some more time and have x-rays and tests and an ultrasound. They finally realized that I had pancreatitis!
So I had to spend more time in the hospital and rest and have antibiotics. I finally got to come home where I am resting but not back to normal yet. My mom and dad are very worried because I am very precious and important and no one could every take my place!!
Please keep me in your prayers, I'm looking forward to seeing you all next month. I'm sure I'll be all better and looking as adorable as ever. Our next event is July 24,25,25 from 10-5. See you then!
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Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Matilda should be in pictures! Or on post cards. Those are the cutest pics I think I've seen. Sorry to hear Matilda was under the weather, but glad to see she's much better. I'm sending doggy kisses her way...

Rita said...

Sorry to hear Matilda,
you are so lucky to have a great family to take care of you. See you next time and it was very nice meeting you last month. Rita

Jacque said...

OH MATILDA! I will prey and prey for you to feel better, you are so precious and such a gift. I know how hard this is for your mom and I will be thinking about her too. You have lots of fans and friends out here wanting you to get better. Love the swimsuit, I ate a whole bowl of someone else's food too so I will not be wearing my suit this year! Get better little one~Jacque

Timi said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! I was looking for something else and came across your blog and had to stop and take a look.
I'm so happy I did! You just got another follower. I have Charlie the WHFT and I personally LOVE fantastic junk! You have both.
Charlie and I will be checking in on you to see what your up to.

Artsy Fartsy said...

Oh Matilda makes the show.. she has melted my heart...and so much style she has!! GREAT BLOG!! Janna

Brayton Homestead Interiors said...

great pics of you at the show- you really look smashing in your bathing suit enjoying the rays and I love your blog..

Holly Loves Art said...

I hope sweet Matilda will be feeling better soon. My darling girl doggy, who has since passed had a couple bouts with Pancreatitis through her life and she had to eat special foods, which kept her healthy.

I am really looking forward to your event in the fall - when it cools down. My friends have told me how wonderful your fun your beautiful shop is.