Monday, May 17, 2010

Oh Mama Event!

Oh my goodness! My parents wanted me to look like a mom so they put these pink rollers in my hair, which is just silly because I already have beautiful curls all over! The shop was so darling, with so many antiques that any mom would love! There

IMG_4578were tons of European enamelware, vintage shopping and laundry carts. There were also charming country cupboards, and beautiful hutches and huge chandeliers. Also, there were cool metal vintage letters and of course the word MATILDA was spelled out right up front because, after all, I am the star of the show!!! Also there were some really great vintage aprons and dresses, but they were all too big to fit me, [not everyone can have the wonderful figure that I have!!!]. Then my mom did something really silly, she had a statue of “David”, but she put an apron, wig and scarf on him to make him look like a mom!

When Karen, Gale and my mom were in Texas they bought these amazing velvet jackets that were originally used by the “Odd Fellows”, in the ceremonies. People went crazy for those vintage jackets! We also had lots of cool old windows, a great chippy bed and Alexa planted some unique containers with spring flowers. At the end of it all I was exhausted from greeting all my fans and posing for photos!!! I hope all of the moms had a wonderful day!

Our next event is our French Garden Event, and it is going to be soooo special!!! I know you will want to see me…….the date is May 21,22,23.

Kisses to everyone!!!


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Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Okay Matilda did steal the show, but your displays are just fabulous. Why do you girls live so far away? Can't you move to Texas or at least have a traveling road show! You do find the best things. Have a great day, T

sweetpea said...

I am totally drooling over the stuff in your pics... Enjoyed meeting you, I mean your mom in Texas...



Tallulah's Antique Closet said...

Hi Matilda, Thanks for posting the pic's. Hope to see you on Friday if Im well. Have a good day.....Julian

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Matilda~ I am always glad to see your smiling face! That looks like quite a show.

Holly Loves Art said...

Kisses to you Matilda. Thank you for sharing all the lovely pictures.YOU look adorable!
Holly & Albie