Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Our Annual Dot Sale!


There were dots everywhere!


Even this beautiful lady had dots on her…… well her… know!!


We had such a crazy time at our Dot Sale! It was so crowded that we could barely move! Our customers had piles and piles of items that they were from inside the barn and outside at our flea market!


We had this amazing little cabinet from the Oldsmobile company with cool little plaques on it, someone just HAD to have it!


My Dad made all these amazing balls or “dots”, out of old barbed wire. They came in all sizes and were so cool.


We also had a way-cool wooden dental cabinet with marble lined top and shelf. I was glad to see it go, I don’t want anyone working on my teeth….


I kept looking at this huge clock wondering what time lunch was!


Gale had his amazing buffet and cool zebra chairs, but I didn’t see any zebras around??


Also she had this small buffet and an old concrete Virgin Mary!


There was a old traveling trunk, it had drawer and an area to hang your clothes up so they don’t get wrinkled on your trip, [my fur never gets wrinkled!]


Margo had a wonderful harvest table, but without any “harvest” on it. I know because I was looking everywhere for something to eat!


Lunette had lots of great finds, including a huge OFFICE sign!


Karen had a really big “Dot” that was made from an old wooden mold. Also she had wonderful gold shelves……


and this cute little blue metal shelf and drawer thingy!


Alexa had this HUGE mirror, which I loved, because I could look at myself over and over!!!


I wore this darling polka dot skirt and a top with a mouse on it, but there were not any good pictures taken of me because everyone was soooooo busy!!!! You just can’t get good help these days!!!

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