Thursday, December 30, 2010

December A Winters Dream……

This event was more like a winters nightmare to me! I had to wear a frilly skirt, oversized wings and a too heavy, too large crown!
My Mom told me that “fame comes at a price”, so I got an attitude adjustment and got ready to meet my fans!!
And did the fans come!!!  We were overwhelmed with customers all excited to see our amazing wonderland!  There were thousands of white lights everywhere.  Snow covered the ground. The table tops were full of lighted and vintage silver trees!
There was also a beautiful fireplace mantel with a huge mirror and old church windows and wings even bigger than mine!

IMG_5674Then there was an old, old fountain filled with sea shells, blue glass balls and jewelry.  It even had beautiful aqua water coming out of it.   There were lots of amazing old leaded glass windows…….IMG_5670 IMG_5678 IMG_5690
We also had a great selection of old Christmas tree holders and so many fabulous  ornamentsIMG_5667
IMG_5671 IMG_5669 IMG_5687
In the back part of the barn there were lots of traditional Christmas decor and beautiful antique pieces.IMG_5664 IMG_5683 IMG_5685 IMG_5660 IMG_5682 IMG_5666
This was our last event of 2010 and we are now taking a break….

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night…..


Ozma of Odds said...

...oh my!!! I would have loved to attend just to squeeze dear Matilda!!!
(I just may have to start seeking a Matilda of my own this year!!)
The shop looks absolutely ethereal and oh-so-lovely, full of wonderous delights for sure! If I did have the opportunity to visit, I just may never leave!
(Is there an opening for shop keeper...sweet doggie walker...shelf duster...??? ~ LOL!!)

Happiest New Year!!
xo, Rosemary

Carole said...

Just gorgeous! and love the touches of cool blue hues throughout.
I can see why you would need to rest!

Happy New Year,

Amber said...

Your place is just amazing! I am in awe of how you transform the barn with each holiday and season! What a fun place!!

AntiqueALL said...

I can see from your post that you have a collection of antiques that much. Hunting for antiques is fun. Emotions are perceived are invaluable.

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Congrats Matilda and friends on making the FMS magazine. It was a great write up! Will I see you girls in Texas this Spring?