Monday, June 2, 2008

May Day Madness!

Hello Everyone! We just had our May show and it was just delightful! I sat under an antique childs parasol and wore a matching collar. Everyone just looooved the way I looked and I got lots of love from all my Mom's customers! We had such a great turn-out, I know people come to buy cool antiques but they also come just to see me!!! Anyway, we had vintage umbrellas hanging everywhere and wispy white butterflies floating from above and people said it looked "magical".
We also had lots and lots of garden items because everyone is excited to work in their gardens and be outside now that it is summer. Our next event is July 27,28,29 and the theme is "America The Beautiful!!" We are going on a wonderful shopping trip across America so that we will have tons of new treasurers for you!! If you want to be on our invitation list you can email my Mom at, and they will add you so that you get notification of each event. Hope to see you at our next event, I don't know what my Mom will dress me in yet, but I'm sure to look great!!!
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