Saturday, August 30, 2008

August was our "Dot Sale and Flea Market"!!!!

Hello Again!
Soooo sorry I've been gone for so long! Life has been so busy! My mom has been having "antique events" but I haven't had time to write about them! It's been summer vacation and I've been busy with all the summer activities; swimming, gardening, shopping for ANTIQUES!!!! Our last event we had a sale and flea market, I told my mom I didn't want fleas, but she told me not to worry!! Anyway, we had a great time, so many of my friends came to see me, and do a little shopping too! I wore an adorable old doll hat and sat in front of a pink mirror so I could admire myself all day. Lots of others were admiring me too, which is to be expected when I am so darn cute!! Anyway, our next event is Sept 19,20,21 and my mom is gone on an extensive buying trip to Minnesota to get lots and lots of treasurers for our next event! I'm not supposed to tell, but I know that the show is something about birds and nests and cute things like that!!! I hope you can come and see me, I'm sure to be the "cutest little thing you ever saw"!


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

OMG, I spent almost an entire day browsing through all your awesome photos of past shows!! Why can't you move to Texas and do shows here so that I could come and visit :( Anyways, I would love to feature an upcoming post on you. Have a great one, T

Denise Elizabeth said...

HI Always a delight to peek at such talent in decorating. I missed last month. :( I will stop in this month. Blessings Denise