Sunday, July 11, 2010

From Sea to Shining Sea!

IMG_4873My Country Tis of Thee……

that we had such a great patriotic event!  Wow, everybody went crazy over the tent and wanted to move in!!! My mom did a camping from “Sea to Shining Sea” look up front, but  like old time camping in a canvas tent with all the extra’s!  It looked like a Victorian expedition. Then, of course, there was ME! I was in a darling old wagon with stars overhead, I looked SO CUTE! I wore my red and blue toile dress and a paper hat with “sparklers”. 



IMG_4956All the Matilda’s girls got in the patriotic spirit and there were flag’s a flying everywhere!




IMG_4967   We had so much fun creating this event, we usually don’t use so many bright colors. I was happy that I got to be in the wagon on top of the table my Dad made from old wood flooring and old pipes!  

IMG_4963 IMG_4931 And the stars were shining……and the boats were sailing, well not really as there was quite a hole in the old boat, but it still glowed with the fish basket lights!


Out front, it was crazy! That silly “David” statue had on a hula skirt and was playing a ukulele!IMG_4999 IMG_4946There were more big stars, and flowers and flags oh my!


In the end, I was all celebrated out and ready to go to bed!IMG_4954