Monday, February 6, 2012

“Perhaps Love”

Matilda's January Blog  
Hello, My fans!  We had such a Lovely event!!!! I was dressed in my darling "little black dress", and my wonderful black net and pearl scarf.  Everyone just raved about how amazing I looked!IMG_7210
Oh, the barn looked wonderful too.  There was a French bed with a umbrella over it made out of all vintage lace and linens.
There was a fabulous apothecary cabinet out of an old pharmacy in New York. 
It was filled with all types of love potions and perfume bottles!

We also had a beautiful French vitrine, with lots of ormolu on it and all kinds of pretties inside on the glass shelves.  There were also a lot of vintage award ribbons that were made into Valentine ribbons.  If there were a contest for cuteness,  I'm sure I would win first place!

There was lots of pink and red everywhere.  We even had a fountain with little red lights floating in the water. I thought that was cool!

We had a beautiful French birdcage filled with all kinds of moss and quail eggs.  I would have loved to eat one of those eggs,  but my mom didn't quite see it my way?!?

Wow!  My  Mom found this amazing French religious tapestry and brass church candlesticks.

There were old romantic statues, lovely fireplace mantels, beautiful antique silver and love was just in the air!
Our customers were so wonderful and loving, we were able to raise a  nice little sum of money to help out our Courtney with all the medical bills for her cancer treatment.


Well, so much was sold that my Mom has been traveling to find more fantastic antiques for our next event!
I'm sure you're so excited to see what I will be wearing next month....but you will just have to come and see!
                            Kisses to all my wonderful admirers and fans,  Matilda

Thursday, December 30, 2010

December A Winters Dream……

This event was more like a winters nightmare to me! I had to wear a frilly skirt, oversized wings and a too heavy, too large crown!
My Mom told me that “fame comes at a price”, so I got an attitude adjustment and got ready to meet my fans!!
And did the fans come!!!  We were overwhelmed with customers all excited to see our amazing wonderland!  There were thousands of white lights everywhere.  Snow covered the ground. The table tops were full of lighted and vintage silver trees!
There was also a beautiful fireplace mantel with a huge mirror and old church windows and wings even bigger than mine!

IMG_5674Then there was an old, old fountain filled with sea shells, blue glass balls and jewelry.  It even had beautiful aqua water coming out of it.   There were lots of amazing old leaded glass windows…….IMG_5670 IMG_5678 IMG_5690
We also had a great selection of old Christmas tree holders and so many fabulous  ornamentsIMG_5667
IMG_5671 IMG_5669 IMG_5687
In the back part of the barn there were lots of traditional Christmas decor and beautiful antique pieces.IMG_5664 IMG_5683 IMG_5685 IMG_5660 IMG_5682 IMG_5666
This was our last event of 2010 and we are now taking a break….

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night…..

Monday, November 29, 2010

November Pink Christmas Event

IMG_5646 What can I say…….it has been forever since my parents put my pictures on my blog! LOSERS!!!

Well our show was pretty cool, I must admit! Beautiful Christmas trees, lots of vintage decorations, amazing church finds, and great architectural pieces!

IMG_5618 There was also this fantastic couch with all down cushions and lots of beautiful cushions and pillows! But I didn’t get to sleep on it! I had to sleep in this little wood manager with straw in it!!! That is just not right! There were also these amazing Italian candelabras that my mom had a hard time parting with. I don’t know why she needs anything with fat little cherubs on them when she already has me!!IMG_5524 I loved all the bright pink and the vintage ornaments and shinny old lights!IMG_5523 IMG_5504


IMG_5503 One Christmas tree was decorated with antique lace and vintage jewelry and even had chandeliers coming out from the branches!

There were a lot of scenes of baby Jesus and the wise men from very large to tiny little crèche's to remind us of the birth of Christ.

IMG_5628 IMG_5541 IMG_5540

IMG_5565 IMG_5514 All the girls brought in such awesome finds, the whole shop was so amazing.


All in all it was just wonderful and being the star of the show is exhausting!